Learning, Laughter and Love

FAZ Creative Education is a multicultural learning and language center committed to promoting community and connection.

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We offer compassionate care and stimulating daily activities to ensure a smooth transition from home.

We guide your toddler through developmental milestones during these critical years of social, emotional and cognitive growth.


We combine imagination and intellect to lay the groundwork for your child's future problem-solving, reading and writing skills.

School Age

We explore nature and physical education during our summer program for children ages 5 to 8.


We embrace culture and language in our Arabic program each Sunday from September through May for children ages 5 to 12.

Where Education Meets Empathy

Where Education Meets Empathy

Using research-based educational practices and methods, FAZ provides reliable, high-quality care to infants, toddlers and children up to five years of age. We’re proud to offer a friendly and nurturing setting that promotes diversity of both culture and language.

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